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  • 3G Radar is an Investment Management company
    with a long-term investment horizon
    and focus on Brazilian equities.

    Investment Philosophy
    We seek undervalued investments with discount to intrinsic value. Long-term absolute risk-adjusted returns. Search for consistency, profitability, predictability, sustainability and value.
    An investment company with an experienced team professionals and a rigorous investment process.
    3G Radar Fund
    The fund aims to generate real returns above the Brazilian long-term opportunity cost, investing mainly in Brazilian stocks that are traded below their intrinsic value. Focus on companies with high returns, free cash flow generation or healthy growth perspectives that are part of the infrastructure, consumer, financial services and capital goods industries. The fund may opportunistically short or use a long/short strategy to benefit from a mispriced asset.
    Investment Process
    Our investment ideas are generated through valuation screenings and monitoring of a set of high quality businesses listed on the Brazilian stock market. After a detailed bottom-up analysis and meetings with the companies' stakeholders and management team, we generate a final portfolio of 7 to 15 companies, constantly rebalanced and monitored through investment committees that certify that the initial investment thesis remain valid.